Our Mission


Our mission is to offer assistance and expertise to all those who are faced with emergency situations to help them get through these difficult times. Our main objectives are safety, preservation and a return to a normal life as quickly as possible with high quality services and turnkey solutions.


We stand out for our complete and efficient handling of all types of situations. We provide peace of mind to our clients by taking charge of the management of all projects and ensuring that the work is carried out quickly and professionally.


We take responsibility for our actions, we keep our promises and we take pride in our accomplishments.

Our values


More than a simple claims adjuster, Jaco Group is first and foremost a human enterprise. The members of our team work in a healthy and safe work environment. We are a family where the pleasure of working together, respect for each other and trust are the cornerstones.


For us, the most important thing is the health and safety of our customers and employees. We are here to accompany you and offer you complete support throughout the entire process to help you find a comfortable and safe living environment.

Our Expertise


As a post-disaster cleaning and renovation contractor, Jaco Group meets the strict standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). Regardless of the type of building, we guarantee results in the shortest possible time and according to the highest industry standards. We put our know-how at your service so that you can return to your establishment, have peace of mind and return to a normal life as quickly as possible.


Whether for a private residence, a commercial or industrial establishment, a multiplex or condos, we have the expertise and equipment to clean, rebuild and take charge of the complete restoration of your building efficiently, from start to finish, no matter what kind of damage your building has sustained.


  • Expertise in all genres of disasters;
  • Turnkey service for a complete care;
  • Quick intervention to save time and money;
  • State-of-the-art and regularly maintained equipment;
  • Adapted approach according to the type of establishment.

Our Team


The Jaco Group team is made up of highly qualified, competent, dedicated and caring professionals who will treat your most fragile belongings with care. Our trained and certified staff will accurately assess your situation and determine the extent of the damage in order to quickly take the necessary measures.


You can count on the expertise of our team specialized in post-disaster intervention who will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction for a complete care and a turnkey service of superior quality. Our employees benefit from ongoing training that allows them to deal with any situation.


Our employees hold the competency cards required by the Commission de la construction du Québec to restore buildings in all sectors of construction.

Our equipment


Equipment is what makes all the difference in post-disaster damage management. We have state of the art equipment which is well and regularly maintained and are constantly on the lookout for new products and innovations in order to improve and offer the best possible service.


We take particularly care to make sure that our equipment is protected from bacteria, mold and other contaminants so that it is at its maximum efficiency at all times. They are cleaned and decontaminated before each new use.



The quality of our work meets the industry’s standards and more. We are responsible for every project we undertake and our employees are qualified and certified professionals.


The result of our intervention is guaranteed for a period of up to one year and we offer a complete care and after-sales service worthy of our reputation to ensure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.